The below testimonials are being used with permission by the clients and community members who wrote these kind words about their experiences working with me.

Community service and community celebration! 

This letter is from a fifth grade teacher at the Oyster River Middle School in Durham, NH

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Melissa Potter.  About six years ago, Melissa’s son, Seamus, was in my fifth grade class.  It was during our study of cultural holidays, that, without hesitation, Melissa volunteered to present information about the Winter Solstice, a tradition that she and her family practice.  During her hour-long “Solstice Simulation,” Melissa engaged the fifth graders in thoughtful, meaningful ways.  Not only was she informative and professional, but also sensitive to the age of the students.  The children listened to stories, participated in hands-on activities, and sang songs.  I can still remember their enthusiasm when playing the percussion instruments Melissa had provided.  She even made sure that every student was given a small satchel of seeds, a token to remember their experience. 

In the years since, Melissa has graciously come to my classroom several times during our holiday studies, even without a child in my class.  Always energetic, engaging, prepared, and generous, it has been a pleasure to work with such a gifted educator.    So it is without reservation that I testify to her teaching skill.

Kim Marshall
Fifth Grade Teacher
Oyster River Middle School

Deborah Knighton-Tallarico, licensed psychotherapist, and owner of the Spiritual Renaissance Center, along with a group of colleagues and friends in Portland Maine, designed a beautiful ceremony for the Conscious Convergence. They invited me to sing and chant for their event with a great group of musicians.

Dearest Melissa,
We wanted to THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for driving up and being with us for the Conscious Convergence. Your chanting added sooo much to the ceremony! Your big heart and beautiful and powerful chants were a highlight throughout the ceremony. Your continued chants through the procession were so appreciated and set such a loving tone of energy as all received the blessings at each altar. 
What a huge gift and surprise that you were able to join us! You added so much to the ceremony! THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH!!
We will be having a party to celebrate and will let you know as soon as we know when that will be. 
Hope we have the chance to collaborate again in sacred ceremony!!
You are AWESOME!!
Love and blessings,
Deborah El'elia Knighton Tallarico
Spiritual Renaissance Center

The North Shore Women's Meetup Group is a great group of women who meet regularly for community service, lots of outdoor activities, lectures and events of every topic. Here are some of the comments women left about my talk on the chakras this spring. 

Thank you so much for last night!!  I received all positive feedback from everyone- they loved you.  

Depending on your schedule and time I would love to set up more nights, either on the same subject, or we can try a new one.  



Thank you to Judi for hosting such an interesting Meetup on Chakras! Melissa was very well informed on the subject and very enjoyable.

~Denise M.

I really loved Melissa's teaching and want to learn more! ~Nancy Mc
Speaker was very dynamic, food was good, new friends.....priceless. Thank you.

~Sheila Batchelder

Thank you Judi, it was great!...Melissa was wonderful, interesting, informative, could see her passion and love for what she does...  


It was fun and interesting. Melissa was a great presenter.

~Susan Jepson
*** One of my favorite things to do is astrological counseling:

Dear Melissa,

I am very grateful for your time, insights, generosity - you shared so much with me, such a fabulous soul! When we were in conversation, I could feel the happy, spirited person you are, and so I am, because we are born on the same day :) !!!!
All the wonderful, inspiring things you gifted to me, I give you as well!

Much Love,



Thank you, Melissa!

Everything you told me was very reassuring- very helpful to have you put into words what I have been sensing intuitively, but couldn't quite define....  :~)

Thank you again for your wonderfully intuitive, enthusiastic and generous spirit- it was such a pleasure.

Anne Beaulieu, M.Ed
Anne-Artist, Studio and Lessons
Haverhill, MA

I recently was invited to Plum Island to read the natal charts for a very fun group of women. I spent a half hour with each woman discussing her natal chart and soul journey, while below us, her sisters and friends gathered and waited for their turn! It was great fun for them, but for me too! Speaking of gatherings, I had a wonderful time giving an astrology talk to Seacoast Gay Men's Association! I have had the pleasure of visiting this group three or four times and I love every minute of it! 


I wanted to thank you again. It was an absolutely perfect night. Everyone was completely satisfied with their readings, and were still talking about them this morning.


Plum Island, MA


Thank you for the wonderful reading at Arlene’s house.  So much of it was right on about me and I found a sense of peace about things I now understand about myself.



Plum Island, MA

The below article was written by Norm, for the Seacoast Gay Men's Association's monthly newsletter, Identity:

Astrologer Melissa Explains Your Signs

Guest astrologer Melissa held the audience captive for
an hour and a half on Monday evening, March 12, as
she identified key personality traits associated with each
member’s sun, moon, and water signs that are determined
at the moment of one’s birth. Drawing on her
lifelong interests in ritual, symbols, and mythology, she
charted the lives of certain members through astrology.
She explained that the alignment of the planets at the
time of birth creates one’s personality and determines
one’s interests, needs, wants, likes and dislikes, as well
as relationships. According to Melissa we all have a major
sign and a rising sign that determine these characteristics.
The sky is divided into 12 sections each with its
own special features.
Aries represents leadership skills as well as impulsivity.
Taurus is practical and sensual and appreciates fine food
as well as the arts. Gemini likes to network and is resourceful
and likes to keep things in balance. Cancer is
emotional, loyal and nurturing. Leo radiates warmth,
joy and happiness upon others. Virgo strives for perfection,
experiences feelings of guilt and is service oriented.
Libra stands for peace and harmony. Scorpio
is sexual and perceptive. Sagittarius is the adventurer
and traveler. Capricorn is goal-oriented, perseveres and
strives for success. Aquarius is associated with eccentricity,
humanitarianism, revolution, fairness and authenticity.
Pisces is artistic, emotional, spiritual and compassionate.
The members remained riveted to their seats and asked
many questions as Melissa held their attention with her
wealth of knowledge about their astrological signs.
Many of them asked for appointments to obtain a complete
charting of their astrological lives. Joe Murphy did
and she debunked all the myths about his perceived
fame, wealth and virginity! She could not astrologically
explain his well known “mooning” of others…

Thanks to Norm P. for submitting this article.

This is from a woman who attends the workshops I have lead at the Star Women gathering on beautiful Star Island in the Isle of Shoals off of the coast of New Hampshire:

Dear Melissa,
I hope I found you. It's Annie Lenox from Star Island.
I loved being with you on my spirit's home, which is what we old shoalers call Star.
There are so many times in the last couple of weeks,
when I wanted to ask you something, or thank you again for such a lovely weekend.
I have a little something to send you. Your website did not share an address.
Might you email me how to send you a new moon calendar?
Thank you for being you and sharing so generously with us.
I just loved every moment.

Newton, MA

Following, is a testimonial from one of my students at Wise Woman University who has taken my Reclaiming Artemis course:

"I'm very grateful to Melissa Potter for creating and offering the course, Reclaiming Artemis: Calling Passion, Power and Wildness Back into Your Life at Wise Woman University.

When signing up for this online course, I did not expect the individual care that Melissa took in answering my introduction with a meditation for healing. It was a powerful healing for me on a physical level and helped to release my emotional blockages to healing.

I appreciate Melissa's wise words and guidance, visualisations and inspiring quotes and poems. Melissa helped me discover my Artemis strength to heal my hurt child self. This has been priceless counselling for me and has indeed been life affirming and life changing.

As I completed each lesson, I was amazed how each lesson really did appear at just the right time. New people and places and opportunities would open up and then reading the outline of the next lesson I would discover that the course and Melissa were there to guide me through my next life lesson yet again.

Melissa's feedback was always warm and wise and wonderful. I found Melissa very insightful and encouraging and she helped me discover my joy of journalling and sharing with herself and the other wise woman of the course, other people online and my friends and family.

The Reclaiming Artemis course helped me get to know myself and to love this self enough, to have the confidence to share my true self with others. The lessons inspired me to write poetry and to meditate and visualise. To tap into the strength of Artemis within me and my love of nature.

Through the Artemis Course, I really have opened myself up to life, to gathering strength from nature rather than withdrawing into it, opening my heart to people and also to knowing and loving myself enough to be true and truthful to myself. It is through Melissa's guidance and support as a mentor that I have been able to do this. To be able to express myself without being marked or judged but mentored and loved is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received.

Thank you Melissa, I wholeheartedly recommend your course Reclaiming Artemis for healing, for creativity and for getting to know your inner strength and therefore yourself."

~Megan Letts

I love to run the Reaching Into the Heart of the Goddess, and Roots Deep Branches Rising women's groups. Here are some testimonials from some of the women participants from the groups:

Dear Melissa,

I LOVE circle !!  I  can feel old fears dissolving away as I invite this new experience in and let go of time honored practices that are SO fear based. Thank you, Goddess, for putting this opportunity before me.  Melissa, I appreciate your wisdom, your enthusiasm and how down to earth and real you are! I look forward to getting to know you and all the women.

....The blue halls and rooms at the part of the hospital I was in helped me to imagine being under the blue cloak of Brigid and in her care.

Love and Blessings

Dear Melissa,

It has been an amazing day. Our session today really helped me. I talked to B a bit about how I'd like to handle our conflicting styles of emotional release, and he agreed to sitting in silence until I'm ready to discuss (and I won't walk away, but try to stay near to him). I have been restating my commitment to honor all of my feelings- anger, sad, guilt... Not that I want to have anything to be angry about, but I'm looking forward to trying my new approach with myself.
And this evening was beautiful. The masks were lovely. The reading quotes were touching. The gratitude stories were heartwarming. The appreciation circles were inspiring (and so nice to hear- I honestly hadn't seen some of those qualities in myself that others saw in me, it was eye-opening). And the give-away was magical- Doreen getting her own scarf, with the note to herself from herself was amazing. And I love my new goddess ring. I will treasure it.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, love and compassion.
Blessed Be.
South Berwick, Maine


It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Melissa. I have known her for over seven years, having gone to her for massages and Cranial Sacral Therapy.  I receive her newsletters and have taken a group she facilitated. Most recently, Melissa has been instrumental in helping me recover from spinal cord injury. 

Melissa is articulate and creative, having educated herself in many areas of interest. Her beautiful newsletters are worthy of being published in book form. Melissa is an engaging presenter -- well versed and enthusiastic. Melissa’s capacity for excelling in academic work is reflected in the diligence, care and thoroughness of her research, integration and presentation. Melissa has many, many strengths. 

Karen Kelley MLADC, LCMHC

Substance Abuse Counselor; private practice


Dear Melissa,

It was so great to see you! It was amazing. As usual I feel so liberated after our groups, like the Warrior woman awakens inside of me and I feel I can do anything! 

Lots of love, thanks again!

Kerrie Garland
Wakefield, NH


"You are a great creative inspiration Goddess!!"

Blessings and Love ya!"
~Debby Boyce, Milton, NH 


As the owner of Crescent Moon Herbals and an active participant in Melissa's Goddess Workshops, I find her instruction to be not only informative but inspiring for me and for my highest good. Each workshop has allowed me to become more in tune with my deepest thoughts and emotions. She is a wonderful instructor, passionate about her work and creative beyond belief!"
Mary Lavoie
Crescent Moon Herbals, Lebanon, Maine 


"You looked beautiful tonight" said a sister Goddess, as the evening unwound from yet another splendid Melissa Potter event. Then I thought back and realized each of the Women was especially radiant that evening, filled with anticipation, excitement, curiosity, and an opportunity to face our fears and let them go. Who knew what adventure was ahead for our Goddess Souls. Even though I came into the series midway, I felt as though I was a special part of the group. I learned and experienced a lot. Each of the sessions I attended seemed to be appropriately timed for what I was working on in my own personal journey. Thank you for doing what you do, Melissa. Your energy, creativity, and enthusiasm really make the sessions healing and inspirational!

Dee Hassen, Madbury, NH 


Hello Melissa,

I really wasn't sure what to expect from last night. It was truly wonderful. I have a renewed energy much so my body is like: hey, slow down! Very cool! Thank you so very much for such a fascinating night!I'll look forward to seeing you hopefully at next months Goddess workshop, if not sooner. 

Brightest Blessings to you,

Lynn Walton, Sanford, ME 

Thank you to my wonderful massage, craniosacral and energy work clients!

Dear Melissa,

As the rain purifies the earth and nourishes new growth I find my own path resembling this natural order of evolution. Although in this time I feel that I am struggling I know that I have made the choice to walk this path, to let go of the life I thought I wanted, to feel this struggle and to move through whatever it brings forth. This is my souls destiny. I find myself fearing that what follows is the same life I am living with the same struggles... that all of this is not about something greater but simply about me becoming whole so that my eating disorder goes away.... a part of me wishes for something greater... a part of me believes I am suppose to perform miracles... I remember as a child believing I could levitate objects.... that I had super powers. A part of me still hopes that this is true. I have had some experiences that validate this "magic" but I am still left in the dark about it all.... I guess this is a tool to help me be okay with the unknown and to continue onward not to acquire magic but inner peace and health. 

I know you know how significant today was... I knew when I saw your website that you could help, that you were the woman that my tarot reading was saying to find. You were the therapist the shaman told me to work with. I am so grateful to have found you... and for your own path that you have walked and continue to walk. I look forward to our work together and am very appreciative for your knowledge and inner wisdom. I will be in touch... 




Hi Melissa - Thank you doesn't seem to be a big enough word for spending the afternoon with you last week.  I deeply appreciate your understanding and the time that you took to listen.  It's hard to see straight when your head is spinning... and it's been spinning for a little bit too long.  Your healing session was terrific and I am so very much looking forward to getting to know and work with my willow wand... It's going to be a symbol of this healing process.  It's also been impossible to stop thinking about the flower I saw, too.  I looked up the trillium and you are right that is the flower that I saw!  So, I am working on getting the flower essence to have and use in my workings, hopefully it will do the trick.

I did have a couple of quick questions... What was the CD that you were playing... that song was so incredibly soul stirring.  And, what was the book that you had mentioned - the one that is your all time favorite, I definitely want to have that in my collection to read and learn from!

I'm so glad you liked your miniature treasures... making them is an escape for me, and I really think that I step into a different realm when I am working on them.  It delights me to know that they are being enjoyed.

Keep being the amazing woman/teacher/healer - friend that you are!

Many Blessings...



To Whom It May Concern,
I first went to Melissa seeking massage as part of an overall healing program for overcoming migraine headaches and generalized anxiety. Immediately I found relief, safety, support and peace as she worked with me over a period of several weeks. It was not just the physical release of pain as her sure hands unknotted my muscles, but the spiritual calming that took place in her presence and environment. Melissa pays great attention to the atmosphere of her beautiful studio, and that is met instantly in the enchanting sights, colors, scents, and light of the whole place... I have continued to work with Melissa periodically over several years, when I need a reminder to focus inward and care for myself. Recently I have sought her wisdom for some deep energy work and guided meditation. The imagery, focus, intuitive direction and LOVE that I experienced is something that helped me greatly, both in the moment and afterward as I carried her guidance with me. Melissa is a gifted, loving, passionate and dedicated woman to her craft. It is a blessing to know her, and to reap the soul-benefits of her wonderful work! 

Sincerely and in deep gratitude, 

Laura Ritchie, Durham, NH 


Melissa is an incredibly gifted healer; her intuition and insight extends far beyond her years in age. I have been coming to her now for massage, energy work and spiritual guidance for many years. For Melissa, her dedication to her clients extends beyond the one hour session that they are in her treatment room. Melissa has a strong dedication to healing and to helping her clients get what they need from their sessions. 

~Karen Lacharite, Certified Firewalk Instructor Owner of Ancient Fire, Northwood, NH 

***Melissa is one of the most amazingly gifted healers I have met in my lifetime. She did in fifteen minutes what couldn't be done in over a year of other treatments. I was suffering from neck pain and had been to chiropractors, massage therapists, and occupational therapists for years with no relief. Melissa was visiting me one day and offered to do some massage on my neck for a few minutes. Not only did she locate the pain, but she was able to do some release work combined with coaching me to bring to surface what was subconsciously causing this pain. When she was done, I was dumbfounded. The pain was gone for the first time in years.Not only is Melissa gifted in this way, but she is truly a wise woman who works with archetypal energy, chakra clearings, and shadow work. She shakes and clears the energy in whatever way spirit moves her to do. She is a priestess, a healer, a medicine woman in the truest sense of the word, and she is down to earth, human and someone I cherish and am honored to know.

~Oceana Owner of Kali Ma Healing Arts Western, MA 

Melissa ~I really didn't have a clue how much different I would feel! ~EXPANSIVE~ is a good word. I feel like I have made a great discovery on a new frontier! Yet it feels internal & eternal. I know I have to do more - I am at the doorway & the view is quite ~EXPANSIVE! ~the word of the day! 

T.F. Stratham, NH 

As a Massage Therapist, Melissa is phenomenal. She really puts all of herself into the treatment and is very much in tune with her hands and her keen intuition. Melissa has a very strong presence as a healer and has tremendous wisdom. I am most grateful she is a part of our community! 

~Holly M. Brown Shamballa and Reiki Master/Teacher Dover, NH